Michael’s Time With Family 

This Winter Michael spent time with his family by taking four flights because his flight from India was delayed. Michael also got to spend more time by going to Bali,Indonesia and Singapore,Singapore.
Michael’s ratings on the trip was awesome because he got to adventure and see more parts of the world. The best part of Michael’s vacation was when he and his dad went underwater sea walking. Michael got to feed lots of fish and see all the fish surrounding them while he held out the bread . He also got to ride a jet ski the reason why he liked the jet ski because it was really fast and he got to ride in the Indian Ocean. He and his family also got to try the donut. The reason why they call it the donut is because it is made out of rubber and shaped like a donut. 
Michael was really happy that he got to spend more time with his family because he loved his family and wanted to spend more time with them.

Underwater Sea Walking

Jet ski

The Donut

Me + Orginization

My two strengths are, I put my Badge where my house keys get put at and I use tiny calendar to see what homework I have. My two areas I need growth in is, I need to keep an Eye on my IPad, I need to stay focus in what I do.                                                       My one goal I have for the next six weeks are, I need to stay focus in everything I do if I could I would be very good in my subjects.

Delhi Out And About

    I like the project’s Miss Ahuja gave us they were fun to do. I also had very good behaviour. The classes were so fun because I got to hang out with my friends. When we went to the market I found my true friendsThe best projects was the one when me and Tegh were partners for the Gandhi project it was so fun. We also got to play in Arshis project as one of the people. I don’t think we showed them.The trips are really good was really awesome the best trip I took was the Gandhi Smriti because it had history in it.I was really happy because the trips are good. All the trips we went on made my day. What I liked most about the trips are that we got to travel. Yes they were helpful for learning. My favourite project is the Gandhi project because it was really fun my favourite trip was the Gandhi Smriti because it was really fun. We also got to see the world gong where they had all the flags on the instrument.

Delhi Out and About

1. How is this exploratory helping you in understanding Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions followed? It has helped me see more about India’s history.
(Talk about the research you did for the slideshow on “Delhi and its Seven Cities”, and kahoot. Describe your experience about the two projects mentioned.

First let me start with Kahoot me and Rogan made a kahoot that was about sports. It was very exciting seeing who won and who lost. Now I will talk about the seven Delhi city’s I did Shergarh and Leo did Quila Rai Pithora it was awesome I came up with ideas on our PowerPoint.For my last assignment me and Seamus made a poster about India’s food and structures.

2. Express your views about the field trips taken so far. (Constructive feedback, like how did it help you with your learning).

After school and my parents are home. I would show them all the pictures from Delhi out and about pictures. Every time there was a field trip I would be so happy to get up in the morning.I is very awesome to see all the things in New Delhi.

3. Describe one exciting memory from class based on the projects or the trips attended.
My favourite field trip was when we went to the Gandhi Smriti.It was awesome when we got to walk in the room where they had a waxed statue of Gandhi and his wife sitting down.