Delhi Out And About

    I like the project’s Miss Ahuja gave us they were fun to do. I also had very good behaviour. The classes were so fun because I got to hang out with my friends. When we went to the market I found my true friendsThe best projects was the one when me and Tegh were partners for the Gandhi project it was so fun. We also got to play in Arshis project as one of the people. I don’t think we showed them.The trips are really good was really awesome the best trip I took was the Gandhi Smriti because it had history in it.I was really happy because the trips are good. All the trips we went on made my day. What I liked most about the trips are that we got to travel. Yes they were helpful for learning. My favourite project is the Gandhi project because it was really fun my favourite trip was the Gandhi Smriti because it was really fun. We also got to see the world gong where they had all the flags on the instrument.

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