The Gilded Age


Happy or Nah 

Weeping was all I did when dad left for America.In my mind it felt like being attacked by a wild lion when I heard the news. He told me that he would send me notes about his experience of America. A surprise lifted my spirit when I heard that we were going with him to America. The shaking of the boat, left me and my family desperate, to get to the land of the free and the home of the brave. When we finally arrived we were assigned to a small apartment till we got a job. It wasn’t to long till my dad had to work then my mom and lastly me. Working in the factory with my mom while my dad worked in the mines was a hard time for our family. Our pay was so low we couldn’t afford a house anymore most of the time we had to sleep behind a trash cans.When I grew older I noticed that America, was good on the outside but bad on the inside like fake gold plated like gold.

Pray for the Immigrants 

Rick and his family were fortunate to be living in the city of Houston. Rick and his family used to live in Mexico. They went past the border wall and in to America at the time America was fine about the immigrants coming but they had to go through lots of eye testing and medical things to get to America. Rick and his family are finally legal immigrants. But Rick was having tough times in Mines. Rick was being called bad names in school because he was an immigrant. But there were way worse things at home like living in bad conditions he even has to sleep on the floor. This is why you should be great for what you have and different opportunities you get some others don’t even have a family during this time.


My name is Jamie I come from southern Italy we are in the year 1888, I am 16 years old. My dad persuaded me to go to America to live a good life. The boat left me shook but when I got there, I started out by trying to get a job. Things didn’t get to par when I tried making my company but I ended up getting a coal mining job where they first brought me to the sleeping quarters. Most of the time we all had to sleep on the cold and hardwood floors where there was only one heating system but the worst parts was I was payed low cost and had to wake up at five am to go work in the mines. That was when I noticed that America was not as good as they said it was. But during the day the mines were filled with kids working for their family’s but they always seemed to be really happy about what they had. One day I was so tired of Mining at low cost I organized to go on a strike the plan, it didn’t last long till my boss raised the prices and we are able to earn more money. My dad finally came and America was the life I lived in better sleeping quarters and was paid better prices.